The site is located to the south of Söğütözü on a natural terrace in the slope at a height of approx. 380 m above the ancient paved road leading from Heraclea into the Meander valley (1). It consists of a rock lying at a slant on the cliff and slightly hollowed out on the underside (2). The picture is located at the foot of the underside and can be divided into five individual motifs following the weathering of the rock wall: on the bottom left a man, above that a large hatched picture that has not been interpreted. To the right of that and somewhat lower a male and female couple; adjoining to the right a meander with a thickening at the upper end (serpent?), a male and female couple and a man; at the top right the remains of three further human figures (?) (3-5); in the next niche to the right the buttocks of a large female figure (7) and a male figure (5).
Site: Daracık
1) Area surrounding the site of the rock painting (see arrow).