The Ballıkkaya is one of the greater elevations in the western peripheral foothills of the Latmos.
At the foot of the cliff, there is a crevice cave (1.3) opening to the North at a height of approx. 265 m and affording an unimpeded view of the Meander plain to the Mykale (2). This cave has paintings in various places. The main picture is located on the eastern inside wall (4-6).
Despite their poor state of preservation, over 40 human figures can still be recognised. Numerous ornaments are scattered in between (5.6): meanders, zigzag lines, strokes, rows of dots, rhomboid and flower patterns, rows of crosses, flower motifs, rows of crosses and flowers and a rectangle with inscribed cross (?).
Site: Ballıkkaya
1) View of the north side of the Ballıkkaya with the crevice cave at the foot of the cliff.